Don’t let cyber bullies and bots destroy your online business. With Fireblade your site, content, customers and availablity are protected and safe.

Fireblade innovated a multi-layered firewall: rule-based, reputational, behavioral, and web application firewall (WAF)  working in conjunction to protect you from:

  • DDoS (network and application layers)
  • Spam, scraping & abuse control
  • CMS vulnerability exploitation 
  • Web application attacks
  • Login/password brute-force
Ensure  your website
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Spam & Abuse control

Spam bots leech off contact forms to send your users unwanted spam mail.

They also attack user-generated content forms such as blog comments and post spam. Even more, when they see registration forms, they create endless illegitimate accounts.

Fireblade’s multi-layered engine protects you from spam and from abuse, unlike anyone else. It’s the world’s most advanced website security engine which battles spam effortlessly.

Ensure  your website
Protect your website forms, content & users GET STARTED NOW 2 clicks away, no installation required
CMS vulnerability exploitation

Content Management Platforms surely make life easier but they are especially vulnerable to hacking and web threats. Since they are so common, hackers target them aggressively.

Not only does Fireblade use the most advanced  multi-layered protection, it also tailors specific “patches” for all popular platforms. These give you easy and immediate security.

Ensure  your website
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Web application attacks

Web applications are especially vulnerable to SQL injections, cross site scripting (XSS) and other application level attacks. These attacks can deface or even take down your website, steal user information or cause other damages.

Fireblade’s intelligent Web Application Firewall (WAF) shields these vulnerabilities working in conjunction with the behavioral firewall, blocking sophisticated and dangerous attacks.

Ensure  your website
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Login & password brute force

Protect your users’ accounts against brute-force and fraud. Prevent your admin account from being hacked.

Most websites aren’t capable of fighting repeated attempts at guessing user account passwords.

With Fireblade’s multi-layered security engine, your site is 100% protected against such automated attacks, while still giving real users the best experience.

Ensure  your website
Protect your accounts from being hacked GET STARTED NOW 2 clicks away, no installation required
DDoS protection
Ensure  your website

DDoS attacks overwhelm your site, make it slower, or worse, take it down. With DDoS attacks on the rise, you must be protected if your site’s availability is dear to you.

Fireblade provides you the fattest network pipe available and proven bot detection capabilities to block even the largest distributed attacks, both in network and application layers.

Plus, unlike with other DDoS protection tools that slow down your site, with Fireblade, your site speed accelerates up to twice as fast.

Ensure  your website
Prevent your website from going down GET STARTED NOW 2 clicks away, no installation required

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