Partners Solutions

Security & Application Delivery Providers

  • Introduce behavioral web application security to your offering
  • Add a service layer of Fireblade’s Central Intelligence Cloud to your security
  • Protect your customers against tomorrow’s threat landscape
  • White-labelled, licensed solutions available, cloud and on-premise.

Add behavioral web application security with bot and scraping prevention capabilities to your offering!

Fireblade’s behavioral web application security can be added as a layer to existing services and products. In fact, any service or appliance that serves as a proxy to web application traffic can benefit from Fireblade’s great features and advantages.

Fireblade has already partnered up with leading ADC and CDN providers, which recognized the business value of Fireblade’s technology and bundled it into their offering.

Whether you provide ADC, Load-balancing, A content delivery network, a web acceleration product, or even a “traditional” WAF that needs a modern kick, Contact us.