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Protect your customers' websites, data, content and business continuity with Fireblade’s true next generation website security. Fireblade's behavioral security is the completely automated, self-learning, low-touch, low-maintenance, no-headache solution that your customers require.  [Learn more]

Fireblade is the innovator and leader of the behavioral approach to web application security, the superior alternative to the expensive, inefficient and obsolete signature-based WAFs.

Fireblade is proud to announce its partnership with CDNetworks, one of the leading global CDN providers, which selected Fireblade as the security solution for its customers.


  • Simply better security
    higher resilience to zero day and sophisticated attacks accomplished through behavioral, intelligence-based security
  • Low false positives
    Fireblade abstains false positives that are typical to the WAF market using transparent challenges and risk scoring algorythms
  • Absolutely low touch
    From integration to threat mitigation, we kept it all automated and easy
  • Channel partner friendly
    Co-branded or white-labelled, single or multi-tenancy, in your data-centers or cloud-based. Any way you want it  


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